Autodesk Revit

Revit Visualization

Vizualization is easy with Revit

Autodesk Revit is a building information modelling package from Autodesk. It follows a long line of excellent CAD and design packages that Autodesk have produced over the last few years.

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Revit is a software tool that can be used in building projects of any size or shape. It is designed to be utilized at every stage of the process and its main aim is to allow architects and engineers from all disciplines to work together on one unified model.

The advantages to Autodesk Revit may not be immediately obvious but it is trying to fix an obvious problem in the construction industry.

Traditionally when a new building project gets underway the whole design team would use 2D CAD drawings to layout their designs. Each member of the team would lay their individual designs onto drawings that are emailed to them.

You would end up with a single AutoCAD drawing for each service then another drawing for the structural design and another drawing that has the architects layout and any number of other drawings from various consultants.

Autodesk revit Autodesk Revit tries to get away from this approach by insisting that everybody works on a single model of the project. All services, structures, room layouts etc are all contained on a single, central model. The model contains all the information about the building from cable routes to room temperatures.

The Autodesk Revit approach has numerous advantages over the traditional methods:

  • Everybody is using the latest information. With Revit there is no longer a need to check for the latest XREF, if you are using the Autodesk Revit model then you are using the latest services, structural and architectural layouts.
  • Clash detection. Revit will spot any problems and raise the alarm. Services can no-longer be placed where they clash.
  • Visualization. Photo-realistic versions of the Revit model can be produced and you can literally walk around your building looking in rooms, looking at services in ceiling voids and tweaking as you go.

Welcome to the future of building services design, Autodesk Revit is here!